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Is it time to switch from UPK to an enterprise level solution?

Oracle User Productivity Kit comes in many forms via white label. Some of the biggest names are: UPK, CAPA – CA Productivity Accelerator, INfor EPAK.

Companies now must decide how to move forward with their business readiness strategies. The training collateral that has been created in with UPK must be recreated. This is an expensive arduous undertaking. It may cost upwards of $100,000 to recreate all the material.

SAP, a trusted global leader in business software, has a solution to replace UPK, Enable Now. Enable Now has previously been named: Datango, and (WPB) Workplace Performance Builder.

Eagle Consulting Partners are an expert in the field of Business Readiness. They are leading advisors in WPB implementation and design. Eagle CP has developed and exclusive software conversion tool that will take UPK content and convert it into Enable Now (WPB). This software is one of a kind and only available through Eagle CP.

There are no other UPK converters in the marketplace.

Now is the time to leverage SAP Enable Now with Eagle CP’s expertise and conversion software to ensure your company’s business readiness and competency does not become obsolete. Contact Eagle CP today, schedule a consultation of your corporate needs.

Eagle Consulting Partners, a leader in Business Readiness, has released a new UPK to Enable Now (WPB) software conversion program. This program drastically reduces the overhead required to convert content developed using Oracle’s User Productivity Kit.

If you are using any of the UPK versions: CAPA – CA productivity Accelerator, INfor EPAK, then you must contact

Eagle CP. The time is now to move to another enterprise program, SAP’s EnableNow.

Eagle CP is a leader in business readiness and works exclusively with Fortune 200 companies. Eagle CP is an expert consultant with Clarity and SAP.

Click this link to learn more.

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